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#Voodoo court case spells to give your defense lawyer power & mojo so that you can win a court case.

#Get the verdict you wish for in a court case with Mama and Babba voodoo court case spells.

#Legal Spells For You Get rid of legal problems using voodoo legal spells that can freeze a court case or make you win it.

#Legal spells for success in all legal issues including criminal cases, child custody cases or civil cases.

#Get protection from the ancestral spirits using legal protection spells for all legal matters.

#Hoodoo legal spells to get probation, get a pardon & gain the upper hand in lawsuits against you.

#Court Case Spells Win a criminal case against you with court spells. Win a civil case against you with court spells that work.

#Court spells spiritual healing have been used by many to get their desired outcome in any legal matter.

#Win a labor case against you employer who wants to dismiss you & get a big settlement with court spells.

#Court spells for bail reduction, court spells for parole hearings & court spells for arbitration hearin

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